Serin Fate Gets Monsterous And Hits Early Access In March

Serin Fate, a quirky monster hunting RPG from indie publisher Crytivo is set to hit Early Access pon PC on 10 March.

Set in a world of magic and monsters, this indie title from solo developer Cameron Anderson finds players starting out in an unfortunate situation. After being transformed into a witch by a magic mirror, the only obvious choice is to head out into an unfamiliar world and explore. Players picking up Serin Fate can take on whatever challenges they see fit. From fighting ner do wells to farming farm, trading, and even catching a few familiars.

Familiar familiars

Taking clear inspiration from games like Stardew Valley and Pokemon, this cute pixelated experience allows witches to catch wild monsters, knowing as Chimeras. These Chimeras each have their own unique abilities and preferences allowing players to use them in combat scenarios or even just to farm resources. You’ll need to tend, train, and level up those familiars in order to get the best out of them in the real world. Thankfully there’s plenty of opportunities to get into trouble as a range of NPCs provides plenty of interaction and rats to kill. Between the array of available monsters and each player character’s magical skillset, there should be plenty of variety when getting around to trouble in Serin Fate.

Once the dust has settled on the latest encounter, players and their monster pets can take a rest and recharge while exploring other elements of Serin. Expect to keep busy chatting to NPCs, gardening, gathering, fishing, woodcutting, mining, learning new spells and crafting. With a ton of weapons, potions, and furniture available already there should be plenty to prepare out in the field or the front room.

While Serin Fate is not quite getting the hype that recent monster hunter Temtem has, I can’t help be charmed by it. Check out the trailer before this title hits early Access on the official Steam Store and watch out here for our hands on when it arrives.


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