Session Skates Into Early Access

session skate

Session, the skateboarding sim from Creā-ture Studios, has just landed on Steam Early Access. Get out, grab a board, and check out what’s on offer in this hotly anticipated title.

Tony Hawkes skateboarding sims were a gateway for many of us into a street scene that few of us would ever see in the real world. Whether driven by lack of actual ability, horrendous weather, or uneven urban streets skateboarding sims were an awesome way to show off without actually risking life and limb. Now, developer Creā-ture Studios is set to bring back the golden era of skate culture, at least to the PC screen.

Rolling Out

Hitting Early Access today, Session brings the old skool skating sim up to a modern era. High res graphics and a system that includes grounded twin-stick controls mean that this is more like the real thing than you might have seen before. Session aims to capture the free-flowing creativity, culture, and madness of the sport without turbos, bright neon boosters, or any superfluous nonsense. Realistic skate physics and the input of pros like Donovan Strain mean that this sim is all about taming the concrete and expressing yourself. The inclusion of an extended in-game video editor means that epic kickflips of face plants are available to share with friends. Don’t expect bonus points for landing those tricks, it’s you against the city.

Early Access debuts with a 1:1 scale environment of New York’s lower Manhattan, featuring the legendary Brooklyn Banks and the surrounding Financial District. Early Access should allow Creā-ture to expand the game into more iconic spots and balance the impact of their physics system. As well as Early Access, Session is expected to launch on Xbox One via Xbox Game Preview later this fall. Until then, you can get a taster of the real thing for £15.49 or local equivalent over on Steam or check out the official website for more details.


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