Seven The Days Long Gone Gameplay Trailer and Fool’s Theory shared a new gameplay trailer for their 3D isometric RPG Seven The Days Long Gone. A non-linear sandbox journey through the Empire of Vetral awaits players. Additionally, the game offers a parkour-like climbing system. It will allow players to move freely, overcoming horizontal as well as vertical obstacles.

What is Seven – The Days Long Gone about?

Players take on a role of a lonely traveler. Seems harmless enough, doesn’t it? However, your character, Teriel, is accompanied by a demon Artanak. Players can also use customization system to change the name, race, hair, body build and more of their protagonist. Through the journey, you will be able to meet several factions. Among them are such as Technomagi and Biomancers.

Some of the game’s features include:

  • Parkour-like climbing system
  • Rich variety of enemies
  • Magic and different reactions to seeing it in use
  • Society reacting to the protagonist’s presence and actions

You can also find out more about the game on the official site.

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