Seven Knights 2 Is Out Today

Seven Knights 2 is out on mobiles today, bringing a new adventure to Netmarbles well known fantasy franchise.

Fans of the first Seven Knights mobile title and new players alike will be able to grab Seven Knights 2 for free today as it goes live across iOS and Android forefronts. The squeal and follow up to the original 2015 Seven Knights, this new entry in the on the go series introduces players to a world reeling from the fallout of the original game where old and new faces will stand against the forces of evil once more.

Seven Knights 2 takes place 20 years after the original Seven Knights game. This new story centers on the Daybreak Mercenaries led by Lene, the daughter of Eileene, who is a member of the Seven Knights in the original game. After nefarious forces raise their heads once again, players will lead the Daybreak Mercenaries on a desperate attempt to find the last of the Seven knights, Rudy.

This return of old faces and the introduction of new names means players will be able to begin collecting and combining a total of 46 characters, some of which you’ll remember. The new names are not the only change that players will find in Seven Knights 2. The cinematic story and larger landscape all look fabulous thanks to the power of Unreal 4, generating an army of highly detailed warriors each with their own strength, fighting styles, and powers to combine into a formidable team. When dispatched into the open world, or in instanced challenges, players will find huge boss battles await that can be taken on using a range of deck compositions, formations, and pets. This strategic real time combat seems to layer in a ton of flexibility and plenty of systems to keep fans of the first game engaged.

We’ve already had an opportunity to get hands on with Seven Knights 2 ahead of release and it really is a breathtaking new twist on the world of Seven Knights. Anybody looking to start today can participate in a New Mercenary Commander Special Daily Login event, dropping a Legendary Grade ‘Saint of Light Karin’ hero on day 7, as well a bunch of other high grade loot. Catch the trailer for Seven Knights 2 above or head over to the App Store and Google Play Store to start your journey.

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