Shadow Arena Developer’s Note Promises More Gameplay Elements in the Next Beta

Shadow Arena

The developers from Pearl Abyss have just finished the first round of the closed beta for the Battle Royale Shadow Arena, previously a PvP element of the company’s MMORPG Black Desert. The team published a new developer’s note blog post to thank all players to have participated in the testing and share some plans for the future stage.

The developers admitted that CBT became “repetitive testing with no time to rest in between matches” due to many gameplay elements missing from the game:

The Shadow Arena you experienced during the first closed beta is a version that focused on the core elements of the game. We intentionally excluded certain components in order to test the core elements. The components that were removed include long-term goals, performance-based rewards and systems that would motivate continuous gameplay. In short, the “outer ring” elements of Shadow Arena, which would make the game more well-rounded over the long-term, were excluded.

In their plans for the future, the developers are thinking of working on the core elements of the game and then pairing them back up with the “outer ring” mentioned above. Once the collected data is analyzed, the team will decide what needs to be kept and fixed and will improve the game for the next test.

Check out Pearl Abyss’ trailers from G-Star 2019 to see what other projects of the company are up to.

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