Shadow Arena Enters Early Access Today

shadow arena early access

Pearl Abyss has announced that it’s new arena battler, Shadow Aena, is now available in Steam Early Acces.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to grab a sword, shield, or whatever we can scavenge to test our mettle against all comers in the latest title from the team behind Black Desert Online. Now, after several rounds of beta testing, Shadow Arena is out for PC players via the Steam platform. Gamers grabbing this free to play fighter will find that this isn’t quite as simple as hide, run, and gun.

A New Challenger

Shadow Arena was initially designed as a new game concept for the hit MMORPG Black Desert Online but eventually spun off into an entirely new title. Picking from a roster of ten heroes, including a brand new character called Venslar, competitors must fight through a series of different challenges and face off in an intense PvP battle until one is left standing.
Like many loot and shoot titles, Shadow Arena challenges players to pit their wits against a whole range of opponents in an increasingly small arena. As they explore the horizon that will eventually begin to contract, players must do more than overcome other players. Shadow Arena blends PvE collaborative concepts with an environment that will eventually turn players against each other. The unique mix of Black Desert’s action combat and class-based skill systems makes Shadow Arena more akin to games like Spellbreak than Warzone.

Shadow Arena arrives in Early Access completely free. Players can opt in and buy the full 10 heroes package for a discount right now, of 20% or unlock each of these characters at a later stage at full price. It had to make money somehow, after all. If you want a different type of arena battler and love the action combat of MMORPGs then you can head over to the official Shadow Arena Steam, Store page to find out more now and get in on Early Access.


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