Shadow Brings New Hardware and Free Games

Shadow Ghost

It is no secret that I’m a fan of the desktop as a service offering from Shadow. Now, the team of this online gaming service looks to be getting even easier to use with the new Shadow Ghost and a partnership with Ubisoft.

Back in September 2018, we took a look at the Shadow desktop offering. This service uses a subscription-based model and provides gamers with a top of the line gaming pc, accessible online. It allows gamers to update their old system without replacing a single bit of hardware, and unlike the domed OnLive services of old, it actually seems to work. We’ve taken it for a spin and even managed to get Destiny 2 to play nice with our android phones. No more need for a gaming phone after all it seems.

Creeping into the console space, Blade, the company behind the Shadow service is launching their new Shadow Ghost. A tiny box that can connect to TVs, monitors, and PC peripherals the new Ghost is a super affordable way to connect to Shadow’s online service without a PC. It replaces their original Shadow Box and can pump out a full 4K at 60FPS with the right bandwidth Full details of this launch are here.

Free Games

Doubling down on this, Shadow has announced a partnership with Ubisoft to bring new subscriptions a shiny new copy of Far Cry New Dawn. Shadow has confirmed that

“Any new Shadow user who subscribes to a 3-month (£26.95/month) subscription between 24th January and 25th February 2019 will receive a copy of Far Cry® New Dawn (in pre-order until the release date of the game). Players will discover the new Far Cry game in the best conditions on smartphones, tablets, Apple computers, laptops or desktops, thanks to Shadow.”

If you’re a Far Cry fan, then you will also be able to get a Far Cry edition of the new Shadow Ghost during this event. To find out how, and check out the Shadow service, head over to the official Facebook page.

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