Shadow Cloud PCs Get More RAM Than Chrome Even Needs

Shadow Desktop Power Upgrade - picture of laptops and tablets running shadow client

Shadow just announced a whole new plethora of PC specifications, giving gamers, creators, and businesses enough Ram and Storage to tackle the most demanding tasks, not just chrome.

Announced just last night, the new plethora of specifications will be most interesting for online content creators that you might watch over on Twitch. While businesses got a whole slew of upgrades, the ‘Shadow for Makers’ specifications include an increase across the top three tiers of system. Aurora for Makers, Zenith for Makers, and Lightning for Makers all get a bump in RAM, now clocking in at 27GB, 2*GB, and 41GB respectively. This accompanies 1TB of SSD storage and a variety of high end Nvidia GPUS.

For those of you that want to play rather than create, the more traditional gaming range also got an upgrade recently. The Power Upgrade that was announced back in DATE has been tweaked for US consumers. This enhanced range of options mean that a base cloud gaming rig in the US can bolt on double the base storage u to 512GB and a sizable 28GB of RAM. This also features a jump from a 1080 class GPU to an RTX 3070 or equivalent. This now comes in at just $32.99 for the base gaming rig plus an extra $16.99 for the Power Upgrade. You can check out the comparison below.

new shadow gaming prices for US add an 8 core cpu, 28GB of RAM and a RTX 3070 and 512GB SSD

If you’re not entirely sure how all this Pc in the cloud conversation is different from the likes of GeForce Now, check out how we played Shadow of the Tomb Raider on a Chromebook using Shadow. To sign up for the new Power Upgrade, check out the Shadow website now.

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