Shadow of War Feral Tribe trailer shows the orcs as beastmasters

Beastly orcs is beastly.

Remember when I said Shadow of War’s Dark Tribe was cool? They just got knocked down a peg or six. These guys, the Middle-earth: Shadow of War Feral Tribe, are way more my speed. For one, yes I play a Hunter in WoW, what of it? For two – they’re about as crazy as any orcs I’ve ever seen. Take a look at the trailer and let us know your thoughts.

From the Shadow of War Feral Tribe press release:

…A faction of Orcs who revere the fearsome beasts of Mordor, feeding on the strength of these vicious creatures as inspiration for their own acts of savagery. In Shadow of War, Orcs now belong to tribes, which extend their influence stemming from the Overlords ruling the mighty fortresses throughout the open world, providing a rich ecosystem of missions, exploration and a dynamic Orc society with diverse Orc cultures, all brought to life through the expanded Nemesis System. Feral Orcs live among the graugs, caragors, drakes and other monsters when they can, while adorning their clothing and armor with trophies from the beasts they’ve hunted. In battle, the Feral tribe is also infamous for roaring, snarling and rending flesh with a ferocity that rivals any caragor.

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