Shadow Point Shines a Light on a New Adventure This Spring

Shadow Point

The tones of Sir Patrick Stewart was all it took to tear me away from everything I should have been doing earlier today and you should probably pay attention too. Earlier today, Coatsink dropped a trailer for their brand new VR adventure, Shadow Point.

Developed by the same studio that brought Esper to early VR audiences and created the VRPG, Augmented Empire, Shadow Point is something a little bit different for the team from up north. Northpoint Observatory already holds its own secrets, with the disappearance of schoolgirl Lorna McCabe twelve years ago. Now, this adventure challenges players to delve into an exotic realm with nothing more than the journal of Edgar Mansfield, narrated by Patrick Stewart, to guide them. This is a narrative puzzle piece, perched somewhere between this mountaintop observatory and the fantasy world that lies beyond.

Alongside the new world comes new hardware for the team behind Shadow Point. Shadow Point is built from the ground up for Oculus Quest. It takes full advantage of the new hardware on offer, supporting 6 full degrees of movement, full body interaction, hand tracking, and teleportation systems. While you will find Shadow Point on the Oculus Rift as well, this looks like the sort of innovative piece we’ve come to expect from Coatsink. If you’ve invested in the latest Oculus headset then you will want to keep an eye on this title. You can find out more on the Shadow Point website or check out the trailer below.

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