Shadow Warrior 3 Drops 17 Minute Way To Motoko Trailer

Shadow Warrior 3, the latest gut spilling game in the Shadow Warrior series has dropped a brand new 17 minute teaser, giving us a look at the Way To Motoko level.

Announced during a not so E3 Devolver Digital Direct, earlier this month, Shadow Warrior 3 didn’t give us much more than a stylish teaser trailer, poking fun at the game industry and giving  a quick glimpse of the carnage involved in the latest gun wielding adventure. Now, Flying Wild Hog and Devolver have dropped a full 17 minute teaser, giving us a deeper look at the gameplay behind this upcoming title prior to its PC release.

17 Minutes Of Action

The new gameplay footage puts viewers in the shoes of protagonist Lo Wang as he slices his way through a range of horrific monsters and wades through pools of gore, all behind a gorgeous backdrop. The Way To Motoko gameplay kicks off by showcasing the interactive environment available to players when they get into Shadow Warrior 3, as Lo crashes a bell tower through the ground. There’s plenty of fast action gunplay highlighting a series of weapons, a glimpse of some of the mid boss encounters, and the occasional moment of swordplay.

As this demo progresses, you’ll uncover some of the more dynamic elements of Shadow Warrior 3’s combat. Lo can use the surrounding environment to slingshot and wall run, moving at an incredible pace and giving combat a fluid feel that doesn’t seem too far removed from DOOM. With plenty of weapons available to switch through, ferocious monsters, and an unstoppable rhythm to combat, it should satisfy anybody who is coming down off the latest hell on earth.

Beyond blowing up a huge variety of demons, this Shadow Warrior 3 preview of the Way to Motoko also provides a little insight into the lore behind this new ninja adventure. I’m not going to spoil it for you though, so head above to find out more, and check out Shadow Warrior 3 on the official website now.


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