Shadows of Kepler Takes a Giant Kickstarter Leap Today

Shadows of Kepler, a Sci-fi future horror from Infitinte Hole, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign. If you can’t wait to contribute there’s also a demo to scare your wits away.

Launching their crowdfunding campaign over on the massive Kickstarter platform, Infinite Hole is looking to raise £140,000 to get them off the ground and make it past the moon. This horror RPG takes players on a journey to the future where they will land on the deadly planet Kepler. We don’t know what led Sargent Cooper to become stranded on a lump of hostile rock but it seems that it’s going to be your job to get him out alive. All manner of alien objects look set to attack players in this mix of RPG and first person shooter action.

While we don’t have a huge amount of detail on the underlying narrative, we do know that each choice that players make will have a direct impact on the final outcome of the game. Infinite hole describes this as their own butterfly effect. There’s a pretty snazzy trailer above for anybody who wants more of the dead and less of the space between. In addition, you can find out more about Shadows of Kepler from the Kickstarter page.

This particular campaign runs for another 33 days and has 17 reward tiers and a £25 buy-in for a digital copy of the final game. This snakes all the way up to the £8,000 package named “The Gunner” and includes the following:

* Receive a real size copy of the shotgun “Venon Strike”
* One day per month you will talk with us, share ideas and see what is going on
* In-Game credit under “Special Assistant”
* A book of the first game history
* Digital art book with studies
* More 5 Digital Wallpapers
* One additional Digital Download Key for a friend
* Exclusive Beta Access on PC
* In-Game credit under “Special Thanks”
* Digital Soundtrack
* Digital Download Key for PC
* One exclusive making-of video from the producer
* 9 Digital Wallpapers (4K resolution)
* Our eternal gratitude & a heartfelt “Thank You”

If you’re still not certain then Shadows of Kepler has a PC demo available via Steam. You can briefly face the future over on the official Steam page now. Shadows of Kepler seems to be mixing ideas of Dead Space, Mass Effect, and a bit of zombie horror and might make for a great PC alternative to the cure that fear of space flight.

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