Shakedown: Hawaii Arrives May 7

Rule the boardroom, and the streets, in Shakedown: Hawaii, coming to PC, PS4, Switch, and PS Vita May 7. In Shakedown: Hawaii, developer Vblank Entertainment expands upon the open world mayhem of Retro City Rampage by adding empire building elements – business in the front, bodies in the rear. As the CEO of your budding business, utilize all the tricks of the trade, from ad campaigns to corporate espionage, to get a leg up on your competition. Then head to the streets as an enforcer to “rezone” land, acquire businesses, and collect protection money.

16-bit graphics aren’t the only thing retro about Shakedown: Hawaii. Alongside the digital release, Vblank is offering a limited release of physical copies for the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS (coming soon). Presales for the Vita version begin on May 3rd at 10am Pacific, with only  4800 copies available. For those who love collectibles, Vblank will also start taking orders for PS Vita physical copies of Retro City Rampage (3000 copies), hand painted mini figure sets, and another run of Retro City Rampage buttons starting on April 24th.

Check out the trailer below. Pre-orders will be available through the Epic Store for PC, and the Nintendo Switch Store.

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