Shakes On A Plane Lands on PC and Switch Next Month

shakes on a plane

Shakes On A Plane, a manic co-op flight sim just got a release date and will taxi onto PC and Nintendo Switch on 8 December.

While Microsoft Flight Simulator is still busy wowing passengers on long haul travel across virtual airways, Shakes On A plane is a different kind of in flight experience. Developed by Huu Games and published by Assemble Entertainment, Shakes On A Plane is set to arrive via the Nintendo eShop and Steam storefront, then take off to success, although we don’t quite know the cost of a ticket yet.

Keep On Flapping

Shakes On A Plane is a frantic co-op management sim where your focus is on in flight edibles. Rather than calculate out the best fuel saving scenario to cut across the Alps, you’ll grab a tray and work together with completely unqualified strangers at home and across the globe to serve thein flight requirements of a tin can full of people at 30,000 feet. Inspired by classic co-op experiences like Overcooked, you will do more than serve up complimentary peanuts. Players are also responsible for unpacking luggage, monitoring turbulence, and using special character skills to reach objectives. With quirky co-workers who look set to be as much trouble as the passengers, a cabin full of difficult customers, and the occasional bit of turbulence the life of a flight attendant isn’t exactly easy.

At least you’ll have the help of up to three other players to get through a flight, and maybe keep an eye out for the runaway trolly. Shakes On A Plane looks like it’s going to be a hilarious hoot in the vein of other co-op shenanigans like Get Packed and the aforementioned Overcooked. If you figure the Onion King had it easy on the ground then check out more about Shakes On A Plane over at the Steam Store page now and grab the free demo too.

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