Shanghai Office Simulator Gets Back In The Office Today

shanghai office simulator

Shanghai Office Simulator just launched today and this comic card battler looks like a reminder that office life can be warfare.

Developed by indie outfit Gamefans Studio and published by Logoi games, Shanghai Office Simulator is an unusual mix of visual novel come card battler, with a very of the wall approach to life at the office. Playing as a newcomer into a Shanghai office space, you’ll suddenly realise that your dream of making it big and vaulting up the corporate ladder is a bit far fetched. The endless hours, treacherous office ordeals, and crushing deadlines spawn a range of mind demons which you’ll need to handle, in whatever way you see fit.

An Office Experience

Unlike the recently announced Far Away, this narrative is a bit more light hearted, with a less fantastical look at life. Part visual novel part card battler, Shanghai Office Simulator is a story-driven narrative where your actions have consequences for your mental health and career. Face an impending deadline and you can play “Time management”, “Overtime” or even “Work overnight” to see off the problem, but this might spawn its own issues before long. You’ll obtain new cards during your journey by mastering skills taught by seniors, from leisure time self-study or through self-reflection, as well as unlocking a range of personality traits to play in the office relationship game.

This all sounds a bit close to playing to work, but Shanhai Office Simulator seems to be a knowing nod and a wink to the daily grind that many of us need to make just for a paycheck. If you’ve been stuck working remotely for the year or you’re just about to jump off a Zoom graduation, maybe check out Shanghai Office Simulator and prepare for the hijinks and hell that is office life. Shanghai office Simulator is available now on PC via Steam Early Access, with a 10% discount on the full RRP.

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