Shenmue 3 Drops A New Teaser trailer

Shenmue, the long-delayed follow up to the cult classic Shenmue franchise, has just unveiled a new teaser trailer and our excitement is palpable.

Initially announced back in 2015, Shenmue 3 launched a Kickstarter project that shattered Kickstarter records and we’ve seen very little of the game for that sum yet. However, with the release approaching, a glimpse of the upcoming game has arrived, titled “The Story Goes On”. Without spoiling the trailer, it features the franchise villain Lan Di, who doesn’t look to be making any major life changes anytime soon. You can also expect the same side quests, action, and cheesy tropes that the other games reveled in.

Shenmue 3 will hit Playstation 4 and PC, via the Epic Games Store, on 19 November. Despite the involvement of Director Keiji Okayasu, the series took 18 years to return. The death of the Sega Dreamcast seemed to seal the death of the franchise that eventually got an HD remaster. Now fans of the franchise will be able to continue Ryo Hazuki’s journey to find his father’s killers in 1980s China. Don’t expect this to be the end of Ryo’s tale, however. Series Creator Yu Suzuki has already confirmed that this third entry is just partway through the franchise and there were many games planned.

Shenmue might not be the end of the tale but this episode is available for pre-order now. You can find out more about the game over on the official website or pick up the title on the Epic Game Store or Playstation 4 Store now.


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