Shiness Character Trailer shows off the cast of the Action RPG

It's shiny!

Shiness is looking more and more like an excellent Action RPG from Enigami and Focus Home Entertainment. Today, the devs released a brand new trailer to show off the cast of characters players can control as they rove about the world of Mahera.

From the release:

Shiness’ characters and story were first birthed over 20 years ago from the pen strokes of a young Samir Rebib, co-founder of Enigami. Now, after a successful Kickstarter campaign and with the help of publisher Focus Home Interactive, this young team is close to releasing their first game – featuring 5 playable characters with distinct playstyles and personalities:

  • Chado – This daring young Waki dreams of travelling far beyond his home town Kimpao – and this desire quickly lands him in big trouble!
  • Poky – A faithful friend to Chado, Poky has an incredible talent for engineering that makes up for his lack of courage.
  • Rosalya – Shy but loyal to the party, Rosalya has a powerful affinity with fire and is on the search for a mysterious truth.
  • Askel – A formidable young mercenary, the enigmatic Askel already has a far-reaching reputation in Mahera.
  • Kayenne – A strong, natural born leader, Kayenne remains calm in even the most difficult situations.
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  1. I had it on my Steam wishlist but they kept spamming me for this one game so I removed it.

  2. Excited for this game! I love the art style 🙂

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