Shock Tactics is shockingly shocking… shock. New Trailer!

It's like XCOM meets Starcraft

Shock Tactics sent out a new trailer today. What is Shock Tactics? Great question, me! It’s a turn-based tactics game (think XCOM) where you and your mercenary team build up your base and explore an alien planet. In short, it’s kind of like XCOM on a whole new planet meets Starcraft, and that’s alright by us.

You can find out more via the official site of Point Blank Games.

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From the Shock Tactics press release:

In Shock Tactics, players lead a team of mercenaries who are sent on a scouting mission to explore a newly discovered alien planet as part of the first wave of Free Space Pioneers. While searching the hostile world for alien technology, you lead your team into tactical combat against pirates, alien creatures, and the troops of the Imperial Consortium. Set up outposts and dig sites to investigate the secrets this new world holds, and prepare to fight for supremacy on this undiscovered planet. Possibilities and resources are within your reach – but be alert, for everything comes at a price.

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