Shoot For The Moon In Boundary Beta

Get Ready to aim high as Surgical Scalpels and Skystone Games announce beta trials for their upcoming space bound FPS, Boundary.

The Boundary Beta is here and if you’re a fan of unusual FPS ideas then this in development space shooter is something of a different take on the traditional team based shooter. Set up in Earth orbit, Boundary reminds us exactly why guns in space are a horrendous idea. Thankfully, this is a video game and before it lands on PlayStation and PC, via Steam, the developers behind this new shooter are asking you to suit up and head over to the Boundary website to add your name to the roster.

Players signing up will get the chance to try out zero gravity warfare as an operator in outer space. Set amongst the complicated structures in near Earth orbit and the vast expanse of space, players can choose their class and fly out with the intention of overcoming all opposition. As you’d expect the full 3D motion allows for some clever teamwork and complicated tactics while the range of classes provide variants on traditional archetypes of the same genre. Whether you’re taking a scout role or packing heavy guns you’ll be able to customize your primary weapon and a range of bolt on gadgets to outwit the competition and seek cold vengeance on them.

While I still have my issues with the slightly arcade oriented physics, Boundary has come a long way since we saw it at Gamescom in 2019 and there’s even Ray Tracing now too. If you’re interested in this unexpected mix of guns in space then you can check out the Boundary homepage for more details and sign up for the beta test too.

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