Shoot To Loot And Say hello To Space Punks

Flying Wild Hog, the offbeat team behind Shadow Warrior, just announced a brand-new top down shooter called Space Punks.

Coming to Early Access on 14 July with a full PC release in 2022, Space Punks is the very first game to be published as part of Jagex’s third-party publishing division — Jagex Partners. While the Cambridge publisher is more well acquainted with the complex history of a smash hit MMORPG, this new venture rushes headlong into the simple joy of blasting for glory. Revealed alongside an over the top trailer, that you can check out above, Space Punks is an irreverent sci-fi adventure where players will aim to take down lucrative contracts on far flung chucks of rock, overcoming impossible odds and cashing in big time.

Despite taking a top down approach, Space Punks plays host to a living, breathing, and ever-changing game world. As this quest for fame and fortune unravels, Flying Wild Hog is set to provide players a true living game full of fast paced action and characters that wouldn’t be too loud for your favorite Borderlands outing.

We haven’t’ been told a huge amount more about Space Punks quite yet but with an Open Beta planned for winter 2021, there’s likely a bunch more detail coming soon. You can find out more about Space Punks over at the official website now.

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