Shooting Occurs On Stream at NFL Madden Tournament

Incidents of violence play out on our computer screens every day but unfortunately this time I’m not talking about the latest Doom Eternal trailer. A moment of senseless violence played out live on stream earlier today as a gunman walked into an NFL Madden tournament and opened fire.

NFL Madden, one of EA Sports line-up of sports titles, regularly supports a variety of local and national e-sports tournaments in the United States. This event was no different, kicking off the season in Jacksonville, Florida. Some way through the match, however, the live stream was interrupted by a commotion followed by repeated shots. The Jacksonville Sheriffs Dept has already confirmed that there were multiple fatalities, with local Broadcast station News4Jax reporting 4 dead and at least 9 wounded. The local authorities are expected to provide more information on what has happened in a media briefing later today, where we will find out more.


Multiple sources, including the LA Times, have also recently begun to report that the shooter was a gamer involved in the event. After loosing, he reportedly returned with a firearm, before the incident occurred.

EA have already commented on the issue, passing out their own message to everyone involved.

While we do not have much more information at this time but will be updating as we receive it.


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  1. Disgustingly pointless and senseless act of violence.

  2. Happened just down the road from me.

    Truly sad.

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