Shots Online Golf Celebrates Worldwide Mobile Launch

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South Korean developer WEBZEN wants you on the green – no matter what it looks like outside. Today, WEBZEN launches its new mobile golf game, Shots Online Golf: Online Championship – a spin-off of the PC Golf MMO Shots Online.

This free-to-play mobile title launches with two events for users. One is a special login event, rewarding those who access the game in its first week of launch. The other event is a “Hole-In” event which will provide extra gold (the in-game currency) for holing out of a round.

Shots Online Golf: Online Championship offers players the opportunity to compete one-on-one, real-time matchmaking where opponents can bet in-game currency on the matches with leaderboards to show your standings. There is also an Academy mode which will help you improve your game by facing off against AI bosses. The Short Game mode will allow you to show off your skills by competing in ranked skills challenges.

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