Shovel Knight Amiibo Announced at Nindies@Night

During this week’s Nindies@Night, Nintendo announced three brand new Shovel Knight Amiibo. You’ll be able to get King Knight, Plague Knight and Specter Knight.

Shovel Knight – King of Cards

The latest game in the series, King of Cards, is going to be released in early 2018. It is the last campaign in the Treasure Trove saga. You’ll play as King Knight and try to conquer levels spanning four different worlds. You’ll also have the chance to take on other knights in a card mini-game and using the Amiibo figures. During the game, you can unlock different armor sets, new challenges as well as the ability to summon companions to travel with you.

Other Nindies@Night Stuff

Nintendo also talked more about more than 20 different indie titles that will be coming to Switch. Among those games are:

  • Super Meat Boy Forever – You’ll become Meat Boy and Bandage Girl and work through six chapters that are increasingly difficult. It is expected to launch in 2018.
  • Floor Kids is a rhythm battle game that “is inspired by the love of the culture of break and hip hop”.
  • Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is the sequel to the original game from 2007. You fight through “punk-rock” levels and battle bosses.

You can see more by watching the “sizzle” video below:

The Nindies@Night event was an opportunity for several indie developers to speak to attending video game fans in more detail about their upcoming games. Some of these developers included Tommy Refenes from Super Meat Boy Forever, JonJon and Kid Koala from Floor Kids, Suda51 from Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, and Sean Velasco and Alec Faulkner from Shovel Knight: King of Cards.

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