Show Us Your Blade & Soul Revolution Character Creation – Code Giveaway

blade & soul revolution show us your character giveaway

Blade & Soul Revolution has just launched onto iOS and Android phones globally, and we’re busy slicing our way through our enemies. While train hard in the Hongmoon skills once more, We’ve got a few codes to help you on your way.

Thanks to NCSoft, we’ve got a fistful of Talisman’s of Maximum Weight codes to give away. The Talisman of Maximum Weight allows players of all disciplines to boost up their inventory space, allowing you to auto quest your way through the dangers of the Black Ram outpost without stopping to empty your bags. With many of us eager to get on and test our mettle in clan war, this extra helping hand could be invaluable in your preparations. For Blade & Soul Revolution’s massive raids or clan vs clan arena combat.


To grab one of the limited time codes and carry more loot, drop over to our Twitter page and shoot us a screenshot of your new Blade & Soul Revolution character. Whether you’re starting out again or you’ve already made it half way to end game, we’re replying to 20 of you with a easy freebie that keep hopefully won’t find you too weighed down to Windwalk.

If this is the first you’ve heard of Blade & Soul Revolution then you can still jump into the new mobile port of NCSoft’s martial arts MMORPG. With a gorgeous looking eastern aesthetic, a breakneck combat system, and a fully fledged MMO world available we were certainly impressed by this free to play mobile MMO. Check out our hands on preview for Blade & Soul Revolution before downloading Blade & Soul Revolution from the iOS App Store / Google Play Store and sharing a shot of your new character over on Twitter.

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