Shu is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018


Shu has already outrun the end of the world across PC, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita. Now, Coatsink is bringing their indie platformer to the Nintendo Switch eStore on January 23, 2018.

Priced at $9.99, the game will be available through the Nintendo eShop. It is an utterly charming tale that takes place against the backdrop of an all-encompassing storm. Players must navigate six different worlds in order to survive, as the end of the world nips at their heels. WIth a gorgeous 2.5D art style, manic action, and ten recruitable characters, Shu has a great deal to offer Switch gamers. In addition, the Switch version will come with Cavern of the Nighthawks add-on content free and, just like the PS Vita, will run at 60fps while mobile.

This game really blew me away with its gorgeous hand-drawn art and great platforming pace when I first tried it, and I’ll be looking forward to outrunning the storm again.

About Shu

When the great and terrible Storm destroys Shu’s village, he embarks on a desperate journey to survive. On his travels he’ll encounter stranded villagers; survivors of the devastation that need his help. In return for his assistance, these peculiar characters will grant Shu unique special abilities that he can use to traverse the treacherous path ahead.

Shu and the villagers’ only hope is to work together, in search of sanctuary – and a way to stop the Storm. Can you outrun the end of world?

Game features:

– 15 lush, expansive levels, set in 5 diverse lands

– A plethora of collectibles and secrets to discover

– 10 recruitable characters, each with their own unique power

– An incredible original soundtrack

– Compete in time trials to see who is the fastest out of your friends – or the world

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