Simple Tips That Will Make Playing Games So Much Better


Gaming has gotten more sophisticated through time. It isn’t just about toggling the joystick and letting the character in your PSP jump, duck, run, and shoot. Nowadays, it’s all about strategy, teamwork, instantaneous reaction time, and a lot of dedication to the game.

That’s why more and more online gamers are getting crazy, even skipping meals just to practice and play 16 hours a day. Some folks don’t even allow themselves to sleep. But that’s not how things should be played out. There are much simpler ways in attaining mastership in the intricate and competitive massively multiplayer online games or MMOs.

Tips and Tricks to Play Smarter And Better

To be the best at online gaming needs hard work and a lot of patience but that’s not all there is to it. Read these simple tips on how to be better at online gaming.

Save a Ton of Money From Coupons

Avid gamers don’t even notice it but MMORPGs like WoW costs a ton of money when calculated on the years and months you want to play. The upfront cost is $60  and an additional monthly subscription of $15.

That will surely blow up if you want to purchase some caliber armors and weapons for the armaments of your character. But if you are savvy enough, you can save on  coupons that will give you great discounts for your game. If you are lucky, you can even find coupons that will provide up to a 30% discount. That’s a few dollars saved for another expense you might need along the way.

There’s no Greater Armor than Practice

Yes, practice makes perfect but only if you learn from your mistakes. Most gamers don’t even bother to analyze their replays and understand what went wrong. To be better at anything, you have to know how to spot mistakes and adjust your strategy accordingly. Smart players don’t just play without observing. They see opportunities for improvement in every game they play and change tactics if need be.

Relax, Don’t Let the Game Get the Best of You

When participating in a competition, especially in a team’s tournament, you have to always leave your temper at the door. Don’t let your and your teammate’s setbacks get your shit out of control. That’s not how you play. Let the wrong actions slide, focus, keep on playing, and protect your team.

Schedule a Game Time Off

Just like how you let a day or two pass before your next workout in the gym or at home, you need to take a break from the game. This will be a good time for both your body and mind to rest and recuperate from the stress of the game. Remember, when the body is stressed, you will never on top of your game.

Online gaming has certainly evolved. And with national and international tournaments being held, the competition just gets fiercer. But online gamers have to remember that it’s not about the hours you put in but the quality of practice that you do that makes a difference.

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