Sims 4 FREE Update Heads To The Caribbean!

Sims 4

I am so excited! New to the Sims 4 since reviewing Sims 4: Seasons, it is currently in my top 3 played games of 2018 with no chance of slowing down any time soon as I research and calculate how I will grow my collection that I need desperately to build my Sims heart out.  More on that journey here at Gamespace soon!

In the meantime, I’m over the tropical moon that Sims 4 has a new update coming and it’s FREE! Not only is is free, it is BEAUTIFUL!

Yes, we get to bring the Caribbean in via decor, hairstyle and wardrobe which just makes me giddy!

Senior Artist on The Sims team, Cheyenne had the following to say along with many other insightful details rolling out with this Caribbean update on the Official Sims Blog:

Colorful patterns! For Create-A-Sim, there is a good mix between basic items and some more fancy going-out clothes, and they all use patterns to make them unique. The objects have a lot of fun designs and really beautiful wallpaper. We also added two new object types – sliding doors and a fan.

Finer details on the Content Update coming are also available over at the Sims Community which is an incredible resource for anyone wishing to know more about this game and all I can really say is I’ve never been so excited for hairstyles and a ceiling fan in my life!

Look out for my next article on The Sims and let us know in the comments if you enjoy this game also! I love being a gamer, even more, I adore being a Simmer!


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