Sims 4 Maxis Monthly: 5th Birthday Edition!

Maxis Monthly

Maxis Monthly began this year with Sims Guru’s Graham and Lyndsay wishing the Sims 4 a happy 5th birthday and introducing  Megs at Firemonkeys Studios in Melbourne Australia with the launch of the first ever “The Sim’s FreePlay,”  Sims TV episode which will cover all the news and updates of the popular mobile franchise.


Megs let mobile players know that the Moschino line was coming and went on to share more about the Family Furnishings update that included:

  • Sim Chase – Where you can take your favorite Sim & race in events held over the 7 Days this event is live earning Chase coins and beating your rival Sim will give you a grand prize of an ultimate escape for your Sims.
  • Backyard Battle – Second Sim Chase in this update  with an event that allows you to unlock your backyard turning it into a garden of glory.
  • Family Furnishings – An event that allows you to win a lot that comes with the first Hatchback car unlocking a huge range of storage, lighting and decor along the way.


To celebrate 5 years of The Sims new anniversary assets are coming to the base game!

Build and Buy Assets
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Patio Lounge Chairs
  • End Tables
  • Dining Table w/Tablecloth
  • Potter Plants
  • Pedestal Gnome
  • Angled Outdoor Ground Lights
  • Lighted Fence
  • New Staircase with Lighted Railings
  • New Foundation

Muslim Inspired Fashion
  • Female Teen/Adult Hijab
  • Female Teen/Adult Outfit
  • Male Teen/Adult Knitted Kufi
  • Male Teen/Adult Shirt
  • Female Child Traditional Dress
  • Male Child Shirt

Muslim Inspired Architecture
  • Pointed Arch
  • Single Door
  • Double Door
  • Single Windows
  • Double Windows

Configurable Stairs

The loudest reaction that made me chuckle came with the stairs. Simguru Graham enjoyed teasing the angles, heights and possibilities with what we will be able to do with ALL stairways we can currently build with in-game.

And More!

There is more anniversary assets in fashion, with color choices galore that we can enjoy in an update BEFORE Realm of Magic!

I’m ecstatic for the stairs, more outdoor furniture choices (especially that Gnome of cuteness) and the Muslim architecture makes my builders heart all giddy! Head on over to Twitch for the Livestream Replay and let us know what you’re excited for most!

Happy Birthday to the Sims 4 and hopefully many, many more!


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