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Sims 4 Moschino

Two weeks ago I shared the Sims 4: Moschino Stuff launch dates and information along with an overview of what the Sims 4 DLC’s comprise of. Launching on August 13th I’ve been in game creating, building and coordinating a new sim, her family & her career as a Freelance Photographer.

Now, I admit my own fashion sense is 100% “Homebody” – hoodies, t-shirts and yoga pants 80% of the time. Throughout my life, I have traveled extensively, worked in corporate jobs and lived downtown as well as suburbia and rural. So although I am not fashion-forward, I can definitely say I am fashion aware so when the Sims 4 team teased their partnership with Moschino I was ecstatic because I have never worn designer Italian – yet, now I was getting a virtual opportunity to via one of my favorite games!

How cool is that? Whoever thought this would be possible ten years ago?

Floating on an imaginative cloud armed with this attitude I jumped headfirst into building a penthouse studio in San Myshuno (City Living Map) giving me the opportunity to pour over the building assets that have this modern yet retro vibe that’s signature to the Moschino brand. The same goes for the clothing assets – timeless classics in vibrant colors.

Traditionally Stuff packs are also small by design and volume offering that accessible $9.99 price so I don’t normally fuss over them, however, this time I am going all out on the “fuss factor” because this pack is incredible not only because of the art assets I have already mentioned but because of Freelance Photography.

Freelance careers were introduced in April of this year giving me a chance to enjoy my game as a Digital Artist or Writer. What makes photography freelance style perhaps more exciting than both of those put together is you get to hire models, dress them, take their picture and display or sell it! My studio, turned out a little tricky with three different screens for poses and pictures so it took some “architectural”  tweaking to get a nice flow with my model NPC’s. One of the adorable functions in this entire process is that you get to dress NPC’s who have been in The Sims game forever! My first model was Johnny Frost who I had fun chilling out with and dressing completely different from what he does as an NPC. Did you know Lily Feng has a tattoo on her shoulder blade? I had a blast letting her hair down and dressing her up completely different!

Poses are entertaining on your models, some being more animated than others according to their personalities it seems, which is just another way the Sims 4 team excel at making sure we are in the moment with our Sims as we orchestrate our experience.

The only thing I’ve really found as any form of stumbling block so far with this new freelancing career is that when you’re hiring your models (that come in all ages, both sexes and all senses of fashion)  you have no choice on who will turn up so if you’re staging something specific – it might take a while. I also have yet to finish a Sims 4: Moschino Stuff freelancer task because one of them stays on 0/1 even after I do it properly so I cannot move forward with these. On the bright side, another of the most adorable features of this career is the ability to take screenshots with pets, this made me grin ear to ear! How heartwarming is that?

Sims 4: Moschino Stuff is a game-changer supporting every single piece of content created for this game and giving so much more life to our game.

I do not own every Stuff pack with five left to get and one Game pack but I can safely say that none of the Stuff packs was this exciting – Laundry Day came close because I love building laundry rooms or ensuring a home really is one in every detail. What also adds to the Moschino excitement is the idea of The Sims 4 – Realm of Magic expansion coming next month – wouldn’t it be great if we could take pictures of our familiars? Aaaah! It’s the small things or in this case the small stuff that sometimes has the biggest impact.

If you love bold design, super trendy Sims and the idea of capturing moments in the Sims 4 on an even more sublime level then be sure to grab the Sims 4 Moschino Stuff pack and feel welcome to share your gallery builds with us that highlight this pack so we can take a look at your Sims creations!

Happy Simming!

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