Sims + Farming + Life Sim = Farmer’s Dynasty

Bigben and Toplitz have sent out the very first gameplay trailer from the upcoming Farmer’s Dynasty game. This isn’t just another farming sim but is a robust fully-featured Sims + farming sim hybrid. Players will get to “experience the authentic country life” complete with tons of farming tasks and vast open spaces to tame.

Players will begin as a simple farmer using simple tools. The goal is to grow quickly to access the “deep gameplay” experience promised by the dev team. This includes building and repairing farm structures as well as harvesting crops. The “yield” can be improved by adding additional structures to the land like greenhouses and silos. The ultimate end is to become the village’s top farmer.

The game challenges players to learn and understand the farmer’s way of life by becoming adept at using a number of farming vehicles as well as how to “manage cycles to optimize crop yields”.

But that’s not the end of it either. Players will have the freedom to explore a vast open-world out in the country. They can help neighbors with a variety of missions on the way to earning social points.

Farmer’s Dynasty is due out on November 7, 2019 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It will be released on Nintendo Switch at a later date. Farmer’s Dynasty is already available on PC via Steam. Learn more on the game’s official site.

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  1. Ooof sweet graphics. I wonder how intense it get – if it has any consequences?

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