SkateBIRD Pulls Some Fly Moves On Nintendo Switch

SkateBIRD, the emu-sing skateboarding title from Glass Bottom Games is coming to the Nintendo Switch at the tail end of 2020.

If you have played the Skate series of games, or even Session, then you might see something quite quackers about the latest entry into the genre. Somehow the team behind this off the rails ride has brought together birds and skateboarding for a twist that I don’t think any of us saw coming at the latest Nintendo Indie showcase. Players taking on SkateBIRD will control a range of birds in miniaturized skate parks. Constructed using straws, plastic cups, and sticky tape, the obstacles that arise will allow the titular birds to pull off a range of tricks that will leave thee other local park dwellers astounded. Like any greet skate game, SkateBIRD will have its own appropriately lo-fi soundtrack, as well as a range of skate accessories to deck out your board and bill with.

SkateBIRD might seem a little odd but when Glass Bottom put the title on Kickstarter earlier this year, it managed to rack up pledges of over $60,000. That is more than triple the initial request. While this doesn’t mean the game is going to be a huge success wee shall see what glass Bottom geese us in the end. SkateBIRD isn’t just coming to the Nintendo Switch. It will also hit the park on PC, publishing on and Steam when flys the coup.

If you are interested in watching a robin grind out some sick moves then you can do wore than this game. It might even reach us before the silly Pigeon Simulator. Either way, the trailer got me ready to go full Tony Hawks. Check out more about SkateBird over on the official Glass Bottom website now.


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