Aloy’s Skills and Character Progression Shown in Final Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer before launch

Just in case you forgot this was an RPG...

Horizon Zero Dawn is, at its core, an Action RPG, with some pretty deep story choices, character progression mechanics, and of course, loads of loot. In the last major trailer before the game’s 2/28 launch (Happy Birthday to me!), Guerilla Games and Sony are taking a look at Skills and Character Progression as they happen for Aloy.

Take a gander, and prep yourself for launch by reading all of our recent coverage.

What is Horizon Zero Dawn?

Horizon Zero Dawn is a PlayStation 4 exclusive action-RPG. The story centers around a female protagonist named Aloy, a member of a hunter-gatherer clan. It struggles to survive amidst a world taken over by Machines. Aloy is on an epic journey of discovery, both personal and to uncover the secret of the ancient civilization that created the Machines.


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