Patch 47 Brings New Skins And Titles To Paladins

Paladins developer team participated in the latest stream for Patch 47. In it they spent time talking about new additions that the patch will bring to the game.

Paladins Patch 47 features:

Three new skins are appearing in the game: Nova Strike Kinessa, Volcanic Makoa as well as Burrito Sha Lin.

A lot of the skins we have right now are common recolours, in part because we do three with each new Champion. With recolours, we don’t want to change who that Champion is. Changing Cassie’s hair from red to blonde, for example, changes who she is as a person. When we do Rare/Epic skins, they will be big and noticeable. The recolours are only supposed to add some colour to the base skin. We are ramping up the speed of skin releases, half our team was hired this year, and we’re still hiring.

Additionally, the game will also add titles and new art for over 100 cards. Be sure to check it out in the game.

You can find the full list of changes as well as new features on the Paladins Reddit.

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