Skul Is Slaying Heros On Console This Month

Skul, the little hero slayer who could, is about to pick a bone with console owners when Skul: The hero Slayer comes to consoles next week.

Due to kick off adventure on 21 October, Skul is an action platformer that might undermine your expectations. This epic quest coming from Neowiz and SouthPAW Games pits a minor minion against the righteous might of the Imperial Army. Already available on PC, via Steam, this unexpected protagonist will take players on an animated rogue-lite across PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

While we don’t know the exact cost for each platform quite yet, we do know that this small time hero has already captured hearts. Picking up a controller will put players in control of Skul, a rather unassuming savior of the demon hordes. After the forces of light destroy or capture all the evil in the land, all that is left is a rather unthreatening little skeleton. It’s up to gamers to guide this reckless champion of the dark through a wonderfully animated pixel art arena, taking down the best of us, all while swapping out skills with each new head they wear.

The release of Skull on console comes just as a brand new update looms on the horizon. The imminent addition will include the all-new Hard Mode, new enemies, and a whole lot more. This will be added to all versions in the coming weeks, so no long waits for console slayers.

If you’re sick of being a goody two shoes then check out the launch trailer for Skul: The Hero Slayer above and get ready to whack a hero as this charming little skeleton comes to consoles on 21 October. Find out more about Skul and their adventure over on the official website now or peruse our review of the PC release.

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