Skul: The Hero Slayer Launch Trailer Arrives

Neowiz and SouthPAW Games have sent out the launch trailer for Skul: The Hero Slayer as it bangs its way to its final retail release on January 21st. The game underwent a successful early access period and has scored some impressive reviews. For instance, on Steam, Skul has over 8,000 “very positive” reviews since early access launched in February 2020.

During early access, developers listened to the community in order to implement a number of big changes to the game. The v1.0 update will be deployed on the same day the game hits live service. The 1.0 patch features include the final two chapters, several new cutscenes, “a ton of skull upgrades”, additional polish, and a balance pass. The team has spent months detailing what players can expect. Check out what else is coming in v1.0 here.

Skul is no ordinary skeleton. In addition to his formidable fighting skills, he can gain new and exciting abilities depending on which skull he’s wearing. Use up to 2 skulls at a time, each of which has its own unique attack range, speed, and power. Choose combos that match your playing style and switch them in the heat of battle to bring your enemies to their knees. The power is in your hands!

Learn more about Skul: The Hero Slayer by visiting its official site.

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