Sky Noon Launches Into Version 1.0

Back at Pax East 2018, we covered an unusual indie arena game that hoped to succeed where Lawbreakers came crashing down. Now, the high flying, quick drawing, wild western knockout Sky Noon has rocketed out of Early Access, Unveiled version 1.0, and it has a brand new trailer.

Sky Noon jumped into Early Access, on Steam, back in June 2018. This blisteringly fast, bright arena brawler proceeded to take players, deposit them on a floating island and challenge them to knock their opponents into the loving caress of gravity. Armed with a grappling gun, lassos, jump pads and a range of unusual air powered weapons, Sky Noon is the sort of cheeky twist on arena brawls that easily got our attention.

Now, New Zealand-based indie game developer Lunar Rooster and Reverb Triple XP have announced a host of new content for Version 1.0. This includes a new Game Mode, called Money Bags. This joins 2-8 player free for all, deathmatch, king of the hill, an escort mode, and duels. It challenges players to Collect coins around the map to add to a player’s bank. Eliminating other players to acquire their coins for your own, because nobody in the wild west would accuse you of being a thieving varmint!

Sky Noon is already available on Steam and receives a discount for the Version 1.0 launch. A 30% discount on the standard RRP brings Sky Noon in at $10.49 for a limited time. If you fancy swinging by and doing more than just talking hot air then you can find out more about Sky Non on the official website.

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