Sky Noon Shooting Into Steam Early Access


Indie developer Lunar Rooster revealed their first project, first-person shooter, Sky Noon will be coming to Steam Early Access program later this year. Expected to launch in Q2, 2018 Lunar Rooster, partnering with Reverb Triple XP, is excited to bring a “refreshing take on the shooter genre” by incorporating mechanics normally found in brawler games into their multiplayer FPS.

Sky Noon is set in an alternate Wild West universe, with 2-8 players battling across islands floating among the clouds. With no health meters to whittle down, players will instead eliminate other hombres by shooting them off the edge of the map with high powered compressed air weapons. Gunslingers will utilize steam-powered jetpacks, jump pads, and teleporters to outdraw and blast their enemies into the wild blue yonder while using grappling hooks and lassos to keep their own boots on solid ground.

About Lunar Rooster

Founded in 2016, Lunar Rooster is a small independent team of four based in Auckland, New Zealand. The team of four met while studying game development at Auckland’s Media Design School where they began development on their maiden title, Sky Noon. Lunar Rooster aims to make games that are as fun to watch as they are to play, as entertainment is best shared. They are striving to create the most robust and enjoyable game experiences possible.

“The feeling of bringing your first video game project to life is absolutely surreal and amazing,” states Craig Taylor, lead developer of Lunar Rooster. “The idea was really simple – let’s make a first-person shooter that felt familiar, yet different. We’re delighted that there are gamers that wanted this type of experience and the team is really looking forward to the feedback from players to improve Sky Noon during the Early Access development.”

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