Sky Noon shows off its air-powered arsenal

Independent game developer Lunar Rooster and indie games partner Reverb Triple XP have released today an all new trailer for their reimagined western Sky Noon that showcases all of the various weapons and tools that are at player’s disposal. From the huge AOE blast of the “Jail Breaker” Hand Cannon, to the automatic fire of the “Road Runner” Machine Pistol, there’s a weapon for every player’s style in Sky Noon. But remember pardner – in this first person action brawler, these guns aren’t equipped with bullets! They all hold powerful rounds of compressed air bursts perfectly suitable for blasting opponents off the floating islands!

Gamers ready to cowboy up into Sky Noon are in luck! Reverb Triple XP will be taking sign-ups to a special Closed Beta that will take place this April. Please sign-up HERE to take part in the Sky Noon Closed Beta and stay tuned for more details on the official Sky Noon Discord channel.

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