Skyforge is coming to PS4 this Year

Gods and grinding come to PlayStation
Skyforge PS4 Image

The F2P MMORPG from and Obsidian known as Skyforge is coming to PS4 this Spring. The full game is being ported over to Sony’s console, which frankly seems like a wondrous move. If you’ve ever played Skyforge before, the game feels like a supremely natural fit for consoles. As long as the VOIP and UI controls make the transition, could be in for a treat with how well the game does on PS4.

The sci-fantasy MMORPG Skyforge is coming to the PS4 this Spring.
Register and receive a gift on Skyforge PS4:

Register now to receive your exclusive Immortal Pack when the game releases – for free!  The Immortal Pack contains a Cyber Costume, Halo and Glowing Eyes, that are exclusively available in this pack. Additionally, for PS+ players when first logging in, we will add a whole set of extra rewards, including the Wings of Vows – a cosmetic item that will make them stand out in any crowd as one of the first Immortals. To claim the Immortal Pack simply follow the link below to our official Skyforge PS4 website and register with your PSN account. The items will be unlocked on accounts when the game officially launches in Spring 2017.

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