Skyforge Coming to Switch in February


The Allods Team and My.Games have announced that their “free to play intergalactic MMO”, Skyforge, is being prepared for deployment on Nintendo Switch. The team is targeting February 4, 2021 for release when players can take off to discover “new worlds, awaken incredible powers, and defend the planet Aelion from Invasion”.

According to the Skyforge site, the launch date has been altered slightly to allow for the best possible version of the game to land on Switch and to be sure it is “of the same caliber” as other platforms. According to the dev team, things are in their final stages with extra time being used to make the game shine on a more mobile platform.

In addition, Switch players will find new and exclusive content added including a Cyber Warrior Costume for those who complete the tutorial mission within the first few weeks of the game’s release.

Developers also announced Founder’s Packs that will include Switch-exclusive items. These packs will be available in the Nintendo eShop slightly ahead of launch.

Check out the Skyforge official site to learn more.

About Skyforge

Sci-fi and fantasy collide in Skyforge, a free-to-play MMORPG set in the breathtaking world of Aelion. As an immortal on the road to deification, you are the last line of defense between the planet and the hostile forces that seek to destroy it. Master a dynamic combat system, and unleash your incredible celestial powers to fend off invasions. Choose from 18 unique playable classes, team up with immortals around the world to discover an extraordinary universe of gods and monsters, and fulfil your destiny as Aelion’s hero.

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