Skywind TES 3 Mod Shows Off Giant Walking BUGS

Your worst lice-like nightmare magnified

Get out the bug spray because Skywind is showing off monstrous walking lice. The Elder Scrolls III project is recreating Morrowind and with it, enormous Silt Stiders.

Skywind & the TESRenewal Project

The TESRenewal Project is an ambitious mod that aims to bring TES3 back to life with the Skyrim tools. The team warns, however, that this is an early version of the….lice things…and that the video “does not represent the final outcome”.

The mod is being made as a fan project and has been in the works since 2012. Check out its official site to learn more about this project as well as the Skyblivion mod.

Now…pardon me while I go look for my can of RAID.


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