Smell Like Hell With The Capcom Fragrance Range

capcom fragrance

Capcom has unleashed a range of fragrances for the discerning gamer. Unfortunately for anybody who wants to smell like Dante, the range is only available in Japan.

Spotted by the keen eyes of PCGamer’s intrepid Gaijin, we couldn’t help but share this news with you. It appears that the publisher behind massive games like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and monster Hunter has dropped an entire range of fragrances in its Tokyo store. The full fragrance range can be found here on the store’s website and includes designs on classics like Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, and Phoenix Wright. There are some notable absences and some wise decisions. I’ not sure about you but I’d rather not test out Edu de Ryu after a few rounds or go all-in on a Resident Evil perfume.

A Priceless Perfume

For any of you who gave up on getting a London Pikachu and decided to head over to Tokyo then the range has six different variations available and comes in at 5,800 yen plus tax. There will also be further collaborations coming in the Capcom Cafe but we don’t quite know what those are.

This isn’t the first time that video games have made it into the bathroom cabinet. Xbox most notably released a scented green Axe shower gel for members of team green that really wanted to show their true colors. That publicity stunt was restricted to Australian stores and we, thankfully, haven’t seen it make its way out west.

There is little chance that we will see this range of scented spin-offs make it out west either but this isn’t that unusual for Japanese publishers who regularly drop collaborations and special items into their own sores for fans to seek out. If you’re in Tokyo and want these time-limited items head over to the Capcom Store in Shibuya and see what loot you can grab. I’m sure the smell of Dante is monstrous.

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