Smite 2 Reveals The powers of Hecate

A new god is coming to Smite 2 and Titan Forge just took a close look at the power of Hecate

There’s a brand new god coming to the action in the upcoming sequel to the massive MOBA Smite. The team behind the second in this series of wildly successful brawls just revealed a closer look at what Hecate can do. Due to drop into the arena ahead of the full release, Hecate is a goddess with unparalleled mobility around the battelfield.

Revealed by the developers during IGN Live, the dive into Heccate’s powers shows the work that’s already gone into developing this powerful adversary. Hecate’s initial design received a largely positive response from the community. However, player feedback during pre-alpha playtesting showed greater potential for the goddess. The newly reworked Hecate leans more into her role in mythology associated with crossroads within and beyond the world of the living.

This means that her new design unleashes portals, transitions, and doorways. Check out the video above to see Hecate transport enemies around the action and appear in triplicate. This folds in a new layer of strategy to the arena when used to support allies and ferry them to crucial moments in the battle.

Hecate will spawn during the third Alpha Weekend event, which is coming soon. Alpha Weekend events will occur every month until Smite 2’s servers go 24/7. Players looking to secure a spot can grab a Founder’s pack on Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Epic Games Store. Check out more on the official Smite 2 website now.

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