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SMITE to Feature Avatar Character Skins Next Month


Hi-Rez Studios has announced an epic crossover event that is slated to hit SMITE servers in July. The event will be part of the game’s next Battle Pass and will feature characters from both Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

Characters coming to the MOBA include Aang as a skin for Merlin, Zuko as a skin for Susano, and Korra as a skin for Skadi. Check out the video above to see them in action.

The Avatar Battle Pass has even more content for dedicated fans of the series, including an Appa ward skin and a global emote honoring unlucky cabbage vendors. Plus, this Battle Pass will include bonus prestige skins featuring Aang and Korra in their Avatar states, and Zuko disguised as The Blue Spirit.

The Titan Forge Games team is full of die-hard Avatar fans and when we found out that we’d have the opportunity to work on this franchise, we knew we were going to go all-out and really bring the Avatar world to life in SMITE. We went overboard with detail, capturing each Avatar character’s unique personality and referenced many fan-favorite moments from the shows. 

Head to the SMITE official site to learn more.

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