Snakebyte Go Pro With The Head:Set Pro PC

Head:Set Pro PC

Back at the end of 2018, Snakebyte launched the Head:Set S, an affordable set of headphones perfectly suited to the rough and tumble of mobile gaming. Now, they are stepping things up a notch with the release of the Head:Set Pro PC.

Coming out of the German peripheral manufacturer, the Head:Set Pro PC is pitched as a brand new premium gaming headset without the usual stellar price tag attached. Launched just today, and shipping globally, the Head:Set Pro PC builds on Snakebytes previous audio outings to build a device that integrates some of the more obvious top end inclusions that you might want when tearing up other heroes in Apex Legends or Overwatch.

Unlike the Head:Set S, the Head:Set Pro PC is made primarily for PC performance, connecting via USB to ensure reliable output in this environment. This allows the Head:Set Pro PC to come loaded with 7.1 virtual surround sound, giving gamers a cutting edge when locating enemies scattered across the arena. The Head:Set Pro PC also comes loaded with a bass boost trigger on the line remote for anybody who wants to feel the impact as modern artillery impacts their game. Just to ensure that all this doesn’t go to waste, Snakebyte pumps this array of noise down a set of advanced 50mm Neodymium drivers, all designed to make the most of your gaming experience.

The earcups enclosing Head:Set Pro PC’s drivers should also let gamers dive into battle quite comfortably, with plenty of memory foam to act as a passive noise barrier. Coupled with an adjustable oversized headband, the Head:Set Pro PC should make hitting the target the only pressure during long gaming sessions. Snakebyte’s latest arrival clearly isn’t aimed a fashion conscious commuters, like the Lucid Sound LS25, but its mood lighting and comfortable construction should mean it is right at home on your gaming rig. The Head:Set Pro PC is out now. To find out more about the new headset, check out the official website for details.

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