Snakebyte Makes a Tough Case for Nintendo Switch

Enough of us here at Gamespace have felt the pangs of guilt as we crumble and buy a Nintendo Switch. The argument for actually getting one is pretty solid and peripheral manufacturer Snakebyte want to keep your shiny new device in pristine shape as they reveal their new Tough: Kit series.

Unveiled today, the Tough:Kit looks to tackle the problems a multitude of handheld devices have every single day. This new line up marks a range of hardened accessories, designed to keep the Nintendo Switch and it’s associated devices in the best possible condition. Built around a rugged central shell, the Tough:Case is the largest of the series and cradles the Nintendo Switch in a protective container. The back of this sports a scratch resistant polycarbonate cover and can be augmented with the Tough:Kit’s controller caps to avoid damage to your Joycon Controllers.

In addition to the Tough:Case, the line up for this series includes the protection for the Switch’s capacitive touchscreen. The Screen: Shield Pro takes the same protection that is common on your iPhone, providing a tempered glass finish to the Tough:Kit.

Whether its the latest iPhone or a brand new gaming laptop, my own mobile machines are subject to an unrelenting attack from keys, coins, and even the odd tin of soup. If like me you give your games no quarter, then you can find out more about the new Tough:Kit on the Snakebyte website.


  1. Just ordered one. I’m guessing it won’t dock when it’s on but nice case for traveling for sure.

    • I’m seriously considering it too. I just throw everything into my bag and could seriously use this level of protection xD

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