Snakebyte Ship the Gamer:Kit S Sound & Protect for Nintendo Switch

Gamer:Kit S

Gaming on the go with a Nintendo Switch can be an awesome experience. Now Snakebyte’s Gamer:Kit S is out to keep things safe and sound.

The Gamer:Kit S brings together Snakebyte’s Head:Set S and several Tough:Kit components in a brand new package to help consumers eager to get mobile. The box set contains a Head: Set S, high-quality Screen Protector (9H), and rubberized keycaps that sit snuggly on the Switch’s analog sticks.

In The Box

The Head: Set S is a mobile-friendly headset that Snakebyte launched back in 2018. We got it around our lugs not long after and found that it was a decent piece of kit that would pass muster on any morning commute. Its 40mm drivers provide a good punch for the price and the 3.5mm jack is as good as you are going to get without Nintendo turning on wireless audio. An additional 3m audio cable is also added, just in case you want to kick back on the couch rather than go play in the quiet coach.

This budget audio interface is joined in the Gamer: Kit S by a few extra additions lifted straight from the Snakebyte Tough:Kit pack. The Tough:Kit also happened to launch back in 2018 and brought a new level of protection to the switch. The massive plastic wrap around is missing fro this set but the German manufacturers have managed to do a stand-up job keeping the basics covered. The Gamer:Kit S has an extremely solid screen protector in the pack as well as the aforementioned rubber keycaps. While we found the rubber keycaps were a bit hit and miss, the Snakyebyte’s screen protector saved my own Switch almost immediately during our Tough:Kit hands-on and review. As a final flourish, you’ll find a microfibre cloth crammed into the retail box,

The Snakebyte Gamer:Kit S Sound & Protect is already shipping and you can find it at major retailers to help you get to get a grip without risking your new favorite console. You can find out more about the Gamer:Kit S at the official Snakebyte website now.


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