Snakebyte Switch Lite Carry:Case Hands On Preview

snakebyte carry case

Alongside the release of Nintendo’s newest console, Snakebyte has unleashed a matching line of accessories. Today We coiled the new Snakebyte Switch Lite Carry:Case around our own Switch Lite.

You’ve just invested in a New Switch Lite and the first plan is to protect it. Snakebyte has a whole line of products aimed at the switch owner, from charger cables to the Game:Pad S Pro wireless controller. Now the German manufacturer has opted to out a travel case that should fit every iteration of the new mobile Switch.

One Case To Rule Them All

Rather than release a range of colored Switch carry cases, the Snakebyte team has crafted a single unit that aims to color co-ordinate with the entire Switch Range. The light grey tones of the case’s outer shell are accompanied by two more primary colors. An aqua zipper wraps around the perimeter of the Carry:Case and a bright yellow zipper peeks out of the end. With just a small white Snakebyte mark to identify the manufacturer of the case, this creative choice is a refreshing step away fro the blacks, reds, and blazing logos gamers are probably more accustomed to. The understated design might not seem particularly unique but when I’m used to RGB rainbow colors and sharp edges, I can appreciate something that doesn’t look like it wants to fight me from the off.

Getting a grip of the Carry:Case, it’s clear that the firm EVA shell will take care of your Nintendo Switch Lite day to day without costing too much weight. At just under 300g, the Nintendo Switch Lite feels every extra ounce and the inclusion of any extra to that undermines the point of this pint-sized console. Thankfully, the Carry:Case is more than just a cover to present the odd scratch. The re-enforced shell might not be as hardcore as the Tough:Kit but it will certainly hold up if you should manage to pack it at the bottom of your luggage.

snakebyte carry case

Opening out the Carry:Case doesn’t present anything particularly unusual from Snakebyte. The main carry space contains the Switch Lite without any issue and two elasticated straps keep it firmly in place. There is even enough room to add a cover to the Switch Lite without it overflowing. The back of the case incorporates a mesh pocket for holding spare screen wipe or earphones as you wish. Finally, a central slot is lined with eight pockets just big enough to hold Switch game cartridges. All this works as you would expect and the internals are lined with a pleasing soft fabric that prefers to the more utilitarian features on some other cases.

Inside, the Carry:Case is exactly what you might expect from Snakebyte and that is no bad thing. The German manufacturer knows how to put together peripherals and have done a solid job with this new case. It’s the outside that makes the Snakebyte stand out, however, taking a turn away from the outlandish designs that scream gamer while still being interesting enough to stay eyecatching. The Carry:Case is not quite available yet. When it appears on the Snakebyte website you’ll find it on its own and as part of the new Switch Lite Travel:Kit. To check out the current Snakebyte range head over to any major online retailer or the Snakebyte homepage.

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