SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters’ Clash Comes To Nintendo Switch Today

SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters’ Clash comes to Nintendo Switch today, adding a classic back from the Neo Geo library.

Long before Marvel vs Capcom or the ascendance of Hearthstone, a different type of card battling card game brought together two huge fighting franchises on the Neo Geo. Now, SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters’ Clash returns to a modern age today with the news that this retro card clash is hitting the Nintendo Switch today. Due to unlock on the Nintendo eShop today for under $8/£7.19 or local equivalent, the original 1999 release features tons of recognizable characters, tons of cards, and plenty of deck building tactics.

At the end of the nineties, this card game came in two distinct versions, the SNK Cardfighter’s Version and the CAPCOM Cardfighter’s Version. Players could pick up either and build the best card fighting deck from a roster of iconic characters based on either franchise. Now the new Nintendo Switch version combines these into a pool of over 300 cards in total, allowing players to build decks and swap between games. How you balance your action snd character cards is, however, entirely up to you.

While this isn’t the first SNK retro release to hit the market of late, it is a pleasant surprise to see this come back. If you haven’t experienced SNK icons like Nakoruru, go up against Capcom icons like Ryu or Chun-Li then check out the trailer for this release and head over to the Nintendo eShop to pick it up now.

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