Snoopy Pop Lets the Peanuts Gang Bebop in a New Bubble Shooter

Snoopy Pop

Snoopy Pop is going to be one of those games that will thrill generations of players. It combines both bubble pop and everybody’s favorite beagle, Snoopy!

Jam City and Peanuts Worldwide announced that they are working closely together to honor the legacy. Interested players can sign up to stay up to date on when the game is released.

Snoopy Pop…we know you hear that music in your head

Players will run into tons of characters from the Peanuts universe including Charlie Brown, Lucy, Woodstock and even the Kite-Eating tree! Snoopy will also turn into his two famous alter-egos Masked Marvel and The Flying Ace.

Other features include:

  • a variety of challenging puzzles
  • new levels, characters, worlds and events added at a regular pace
  • collections
  • character power ups
  • events based on classic stories and holiday specials
  • everything captures the spirit of Peanuts
  • original music from Peanuts holiday specials

Peanuts Worldwide VP said:

Jam City has shown great care and skill in helping bring Snoopy,Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Lucy and the entire Peanuts gang to a new generation of fans. We are thrilled that people around the world who love Peanuts will be able to have so much fun playing.

Folks looking to pre-register for the game can head to the Google Play or iOS sites.

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